I can still hear the box cars

the click clack of the wheels

I remember the smell

the tortured broken souls

headed east


Cattle cars before

old wood slats

human cars now

a hundred bodies

a thousand rats


the sorrow, the tears

the pain and fears

who are these people

that force us to do

these things unspeakable


steam whistle in the night

slow train to freedom

they tell us

a work camp in Poland

work and you will

be free


stop now, doors open

barking dogs, fury and hate

fall from the car

the doctor awaits


you left, you right

my child, my wife

see you soon, save your life

dead now and a million more


in the showers lice to kill

lock the doors, screaming shrill

ovens hot, furnace glow

bodies burned, chimneys flow

spark, ash, eternity…


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