Oh how I long, to walk again, the dusty roads of my youth.

To run the trails through the wood, where we thought we could…live forever

We laughed and played, jumped the creeks, hours to days, days to weeks

Dusty roads of northern clay, we’d walk and talk, those summer days

Climb a tree see a mile,stay and dream, linger awhile

there was no past, the future now, we didn’t care the why or how

We grew so quick, and didn’t know, our lives would be, a picture show

Leaving anxious, not knowing where, the winds of war, would sweep us there

Peaceful harbor, a day so sweet, they came at dawn, destroyed a fleet

Wave on wave, the blazing guns, gleaming planes, blood red suns

Sailors running, burning ships, a breath a sigh, leave my lips

I died that day, a place called Pearl, miles from home, another world

Silence now, I’m home again, sun so warm upon my skin

Sky so blue, fields of wheat, the dusty road…beneath my feet.                   

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