Living in this small town isn’t perfect, but it far surpasses living in the suburbs of the big city. Our commute is through the woods and over the river (really) and getting stopped in traffic is usually to wait for flock of turkeys to cross the road.

There is a ton of creative people who live in or very near to Bellaire, artists, writers, craftsman, foodies, entrepreneurs, and people who have had lives that translate into wonderful stories whether embellished or not. And people up here are not bound to be politically correct, nor are they particularly serious about themselves…a trait that I am finding is an essential element of living a happy life.

It is just too bad that wisdom and contentment come with age…I wish I had known about all this years ago. But I guess I had to pay the dues to get the use of living in a small town.

Thomas Wolfe said we can never go home again. I can…because home is here.

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