It is a early Thursday morning in January. As usual, it is gray, bitter cold, and the light snow is falling in slow motion. But I am in a special place writing this sitting in a cabin only 10 or so feet from the very special Jordan River in Northeast Antrim County Michigan. The cabin is one that I have featured previously on this blog and I am here to show it to a couple from downstate. I thought I’d get here early though, and take some time to savor the gentle and silent surroundings. Looking up, I see the river flowing towards me on its way to Lake Charleviox and ultimately to Lake Michigan. This cabin is really unique in that it is sited so close to the river. This will never happen again because of the federal designation given to the Jordan as a “Wild & Scenic River”. All future building must be 200′ from the river.   The Jordan has been classified by the MDNR as the purest river in Michigan although I’m not sure if that includes the U.P. The headwaters begin up by Alba with a gazillion small drops of pure spring water bubbling up from below, then from hundreds of small brooks & creeks, and finally several good size feeder streams…all cold & pristine. As it grows, the 23 mile long river runs south for a bit and then turns abruptly north and ends its  voyage in East Jordan emptying into the South Arm of Lake Charlevoix. But not before winding through some of the most stunning country in Northwest Michigan.  This is a superb trout stream that is not heavily fished and the truth of the matter is that not many people are even aware it exists. It doesn’t get the press of the big waters that are the AuSable and Manistee rivers. There are generous and healthy populations of Brown & Brook trout as well as seasonal steelhead and salmon. Quality regulations are in effect here and fishing is year round-catch & release. It is a challenge to fish the Jordan because it is fast and deep in many places, but the reward is great.  I could be somewhere else this morning, home, the office, a coffee shop, but I am grateful that I have special listings like this so that I can be here…and not there


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